Enhance the way you remember and share your special day by adding a wedding highlight reel to your photography package. This reel beautifully complements your photos, captures your emotions, and provides a crafted narrative that you’ll treasure forever. ❤️

Price: €350

What’s included:

📽️ Up to 90-second wedding highlight reel showcasing your wedding day (footage depends on the hours we’re booked as your photographers)

📽️ Up to 30-second couples photoshoot highlight reel

Both clips will be social media-ready for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and more! 🎥✨

Let’s make your memories even more magical!

IMPORTANT: Our wedding highlight reel package is designed to capture the essence of your special day in beautiful, brief moments. However, for those heartfelt vows and memorable speeches, we highly recommend booking our professional videographer. They’ll ensure every word and emotion is perfectly preserved for you to relive forever. 🎥💖


  • Delivery within 48 hours.
  • Files delivered via file transfer.
  • The amount of footage depends on the hours we’re booked as your photographers.
  • Wedding day highlight reels are only available when booking one of our photography packages.
  • Coverage for the wedding day highlight reels will match the coverage of the photography package you have booked.


Our wedding day video reels are designed to complement your photography package by capturing brief, beautiful highlights of your special day. However, they do not replace the comprehensive coverage that a professional videographer provides.

If you want detailed coverage of your vows, speeches, and other significant moments, we strongly recommend hiring our professional videographer. Our highlight reels focus on creating a short, engaging narrative of your wedding day, perfect for sharing on social media, but they won’t capture the full depth and detail of your event like a dedicated videography service would.

For a complete, unforgettable record of your wedding, consider booking both our photography and videography services. This way, you’ll have every precious moment preserved beautifully. 📸🎥❤️

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